Cosmic Filaments

Disperse Filaments

Release of the filament catalogue obtained by the ByoPiC team and described in Malavasi et al. 2020, A&A, 642, A19 and used for the analyses of Malavasi et al. A&A, 634, A30; Tanimura et al. A&A, 637, A41; Bonjean et al. A&A, 638, A75; Tanimura et al. A&A, 643, L2, Tanimura et al. arXiv:2206.00084

This release contains 24 files. They contain the skeleton detected with DisPerSE (Sousbie et al., 2011, MNRAS, 414, 384) on two samples: the SDSS DR7 (Legacy Main Galaxy Sample) and the SDSS DR12 (LOWZ+CMASS). For each one of the two samples, 12 files are available. They contain the skeletons derived with the following combinations of DisPerSE parameters:
  • 3 smoothing values for the density field (no smoothing, 1 smoothing cycle, 2 smoothing cycles)
  • 2 persistence thresholds (3 sigma, 5 sigma)
  • 2 smoothing values for the skeleton (no smoothing, 1 smoothing cycle)

Skeletons are broken down (bifurcation points are inserted). Sekeleton files are in NDskl_ascii format (see DisPerSE website for documentation).

File names follow the template: ff_ff_ff.dat.NDnet.SSS.NDnet_sNNN.up.NDskl.BRK.KKKK.a.NDskl

  • ff_ff_ff: the dataset on which the skeleton has been detected ('legacy_north_dis' for Legacy MGS, 'lc_north_dis' for LOWZ+CMASS)
  • SSS: the smoothing of the density field (not present if no smoothing has been applied, in this case the extra extension '.NDnet' is also absent, otherwise 'SD1' for 1 smoothing cycle, 'SD2' for 2 smoothing cycles, in these cases an extra extension)
  • NNN: the persistence threshold ('3' or '5')
  • KKKK: the smoothing of the skeleton (not present if no smoothing has been applied, otherwise 'S001' for 1 smoothing cycle)

Please acknowledge the use these filament catalogues by refering to Malavasi et al. 2020, A&A, 642, A19 and by quoting:
"This work makes use of the service L3S/COSFIL, the Large Scale Structure Services developed by OSUPS, OCA, Pytheas and ByoPiC products".

List of files: