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Please acknowledge the use of any service by quoting:
This work makes use of the service L3S/XXX, the Large Scale Structure Services developed by OSUPS, OCA, Pytheas
where XXX is the subservice you are using (eg. SZcluster-db, GAL-P, MAGYC, ...)


Since its creation, L3S (former IDOC-GLO) develops and maintain an expertise in high level analysis pipelines on dataset from space instruments at long wavelength. New algorithms have been developed to correct for instrumental effects in the case of the ISOCAM instrument on bord of ISO. The IRAS all sky survey has also been reprocessed to correct for residual instrumental effects and photometric uncertainties. The Improved Recprocessing of the IRAS Survey (IRIS) is also available through the IDOC. Data processing and analysis of the Herschel and Planck missions are in the center of IDOC/COSMO activities. L3S is now putting its expertise in building high value products of large scale structures by combining multiple wavelenghts (submillimetric, optical, IR, Xray) and using innovative technics (Deep and machine learning).